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Vanessa Sawyerr

Director & Head of Talent, Get Stuff Done



Vanessa Sawyerr is the founder of Get Stuff Done, the digital talent agency representing UK talent of African, Caribbean and South Asian heritage. The talent represented at GSD gives brands access to the £4bn disposable income of the Black and ethnic minorities in the UK through influencer marketing campaigns and beyond.  

Working with over 170 brands, Vanessa's approach to a successful collaboration is building relationships over a long term. 

In 2020, Vanessa was given minutes to live after contracting the C-19 virus. She received life-saving treatment, came out of a 4-week coma, regaining the ability to walk.  Vanessa has appeared on BBC News and Channel 5, she has been a guest on the Blogosphere Magazine’s podcast Serious Influence, and she is a regular speaker on all things influencer business.

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