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IBC Changemakers

A transformative 7-part series hosted by journalist and broadcaster, Nadira Tudor, with trailblazing guests from the media and entertainment sector.  

Hear conversations with some of the media’s most tenacious individuals and their inspiring stories of making change happen.  

Stories from people making a difference

From tackling climate anxiety and embedding DEI policies to nurturing relationships and never giving up on what you believe in,  you’ll hear stories of resilience, passion and purpose.

Produced by Soho Media Club for IBC

IBC Changemakers

Produced By Soho Media Club

In each episode, the host, Roses Okhipo speaks to an anonymous guest to uncover their true experiences of diversity, inclusion and prejudice in the media industry. Stripped down and fully transparent, guests share stories which previously may have been too risky, painful, or controversial to talk about openly.  The stories touch on different aspects of diversity, including: Gender diversity; Sexual orientation; Disability; Racial diversity; Cultural diversity and health anxiety.


Anonymous guests.
Nothing held back.
Just honest stories.

The podcast series is aimed at those passionate about building a more diverse and inclusive media culture, those who have been through similar challenges as the guests on the show and people who are curious to learn more about what makes a diverse and inclusive culture.

By Soho Media Club