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About Us

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Soho Media Club is a free to join members network

We bring the media and entertainment community together to share stories, exchange ideas and spark positive change in the industry. 

We believe in the power of the community to change the status quo.

Our ethos is built on being diverse and inclusive, where everyone has a voice and has the opportunity to thrive.

You can join the club, regardless of your seniority, position or status. The only criteria is that you actively work or study in media and entertainment.


What we dO

Our in-person events, videos, articles and podcasts, bring to light the stark truths about the experiences of emerging and experienced creatives and instigate discussion on how to rethink and reimagine pathways to get into the sector and keep it thriving.

We bring together a community of changemakers to connect and have honest discussions about creating a better media culture.

Since its launch in July 2019, Soho Media Club has attracted a membership of 2000+ media professionals from across the globe.   

As a member you’ll be part of a safe and inclusive community where everyone can thrive, share and have fun!

With over 25 meetups in various London and Amsterdam locations, we’ve built an amazing community who look forward to coming together to network, collaborate and have fun!


As well as regular meetups, we produce digital content including articles, podcasts, help sheets, video content and virtual meetups.


In 2022, we launched the BE YOU Festival.  The Festival connects people, purpose and inspiration and is designed so that you can meet innovative gamechangers, new talent, discuss the latest challenges, network in a vibrant atmosphere.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
Whatwe do

Our Vision

With better culture, comes even better content.  Our vision is an innovative and thriving media community, where inclusion is the norm and everyone belongs. 

Our job is to build the bridge between today and tomorrow.

Our Goals

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  • To be a platform for next gen of talent to build their connections, learn and be inspired

  • To provide a safe, diverse and democratic environment for the industry to work, enjoy and feel at home in

  • To be a hub of innovation and collaboration, where successful new projects are borne

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