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Our Team.


Our story

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Soho Media Club was created by two strangers who wanted to change the narrative and discovered they are driven by progression, not perfection.

When co-founders, Tom and Jaisica met in a noisy Las Vegas Club in 2018, they unexpectedly discovered they shared 3 key beliefs: collaboration, inclusion and everyone having a voice

So in July 2019, they launched Soho Media Club with a small gathering for media professionals and cultural activists, at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea.  


Anyone who shared these core beliefs was welcome.  


The result was a chaotic but buzzing meetup with over 50 people exchanging stories, networking and smiling!


Over the years, Soho Media Club has grown and evolved into one of the most inclusive and respected media networks of its kind in London.


We’re passionately curious and tenacious, and we encourage that same curiosity and persistence in our community. 


We facilitate thought-provoking conversations and we create a safe space for our community to feel comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. 

Our Values

For many organisations, values are nothing more than window dressing, stuck to the wall behind a reception desk. We live by these key values


Kindness uplifts us. Kindness positively impacts collaboration and helps others succeed.  Kindness is just the right way to be. It’s what matters most.


We understand each other’s differences and our different roles.  We are open and honest and behave with integrity and purpose.


Great ideas can come from anyone and innovation is a collaborative process.  We are confident that together we can regenerate our world with collective action.


We champion curiosity and bravery to inspire better ways of thinking and doing.  Have the courage and vision to imagine and perceive the world in new ways.

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