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11 JULY 2024 | LONDON
Ministry of Sound

BE YOU 2024 content programme 


09.15 - 10.00 


Doors open
Registration & Welcome

Grab a coffee, say hello + chat

10.00 - 10.10

MAIn Stage: the BOX 


Welcome to the BE YOU Festival

Tomasz Witkowski & Jaisica Lapsiwala, Co-founders, Soho Media Club  

Muki Kulhan, Chief Innovation Officer, XR Producer & Creative Technologist

10.10 - 10.25

MAIn Stage: the BOX 


Mapping out what’s happening in media right now

What are the current trends and disruptors in media and what are the drivers and forces behind them? 


Join us for a dynamic dive into the macro and micro trends impacting you and your role. You’ll discover where the money is moving, where the innovation is and get a glimpse into the latest in TV, streaming, and AI. 

Claire Tavernier, Senior Media Advisor and Chair, UK Film & TV Charity

Maureen Kerr, Partner, Arthur D. Little

10.25 - 11.10

MAIn Stage: the BOX 


StrategIES & schemes unwrapped

When it comes to broadcaster initiatives and cultural change, there seems to be a huge minefield of information out there and navigating what opportunities exist in the industry, what kind of talent is in demand at the moment, where to go and how to do it, can be overwhelming.  


In this session, we unwrap: 

  • From social mobility to representation of ethnic minorities, what is the strategic approach to move the dial? 

  • What opportunities exist in these organisations?

  • How can young talent access these opportunities?

  • What data is there to illustrate the impact?

  • Marcia Williams, Executive Director, Equity & Inclusion, Channel 4

  • Sonny Hanley, Director, ITV Academy, ITV 

  • Marcus Ryder, CEO, Film & TV Charity

  • David Carrigan, Group Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing, Sky

  • Moderator: Jasmine Dotiwala, Media Industry Inclusion and Equity Leader

11.10 - 11.45

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

BEYOU speaker (4).png

The Futuremakers: Giving a voice to a new generation

  • The power of collaboration: How broadcasters and content creators together can transform the viewing experience

  • Building bridges, not barriers - How can we overcome barriers of making the transition into broadcast?

  • How can traditional TV support young, exciting content creator talent from all across the UK?

  • Recognising and managing the cultural barriers

  • Cimran Shah, Commissioner, Channel 4

  • Munya Chawawa, Satirist, Presenter & Producer

  • Moderator: Islah Abdur-Rahman,  Actor, Filmmaker, Creative Producer

11.45 - 12.05

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

Stories that entertain, provoke & inspire

In Conversation with…

Speaker TBA


12.05 - 12.10

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

BEYOU speaker (4).jpg

Act One: A Constant State of Confusion

Dhruti Shah, Multi-Award-Winning Journalist and Author

12.10 - 13.15


lunch + network

Don't miss the opportunity to join your peers + mAKE NEW industry friends.

Food Pick Up

13.15 - 13.40

MAIn Stage: the BOX 


Autism, racism, and learning to read at 18. In Conversation with Professor Jason Arday.

Jason Arday is remarkable and his story is inspiring.  Jason shares his journey of being diagnosed with Autism at age three, learning to read and write at the age of 18, and how his indomitable will led to him being appointed as Cambridge’s youngest Black professor at age 37.


We'll chat to Jason about the importance of purpose and empathy, his drive for intersectional and racial equality and what he believes needs to change to break down structural barriers, change mindsets and accelerate positive change.

Jason Arday, Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Cambridge 

13.40 - 14.10

MAIn Stage: the BOX 


In Conversation with Alex Brooker: Disability representation: How can we get it right?

The Last Leg has promoted positive disability representation since its launch during the 2012 Paralympics and the show has done a huge amount of work in normalising disability in media, but there’s obviously a long way to go before representation is anywhere near where it should be in mainstream media.


Cimran Shah talks to Alex Brooker about how the Last Leg has broken down disability barriers to become a mainstream success and what still needs to be done in the industry to get disability representation, behind and in front of the camera, right.

Alex Brooker, Journalist and Presenter  

Moderated by: Cimran Shah, Commissioner, Channel 4

14.10 - 14.50

MAIn Stage: the BOX 


How reality TV Is helping the cause of LGBTQ+ rights

LGBTQ+ representation on and off screen has made progress but there’s still plenty that hasn’t been done before, that should be.  Our panellists discuss the cultural shift, the importance of representation at all levels of production and how to keep the momentum going.  We discuss: 

  • How they are championing the development of LGBTQ+ representation

  • How do we rewrite the rules of representation? 

  • “Not just who is represented, but how”: Why is it important to use LGBTQ+ crews in your programmes?

  • What have the challenges been so far?

  • How can we get more queer voices heard


  • Cara Bruce, Producer, I Kissed a Girl 

  • Ryan Lanji, Curator, Host, Personality 

  • Kitty Scott ClausDrag Performer, Actor and Television Personality 

  • Moderator: Adeel Amini, Founder of TV Mindset & Chair of Coalition for Change

14.50 - 15:25

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

Ebele Tate.jpg
BEYOU speaker.png
BEYOU speaker.jpg


We go under the hood to discover how to get into the notoriously difficult fields of TV and film.


Learn what skills are needed to become a TV & Film maker and how to work your way up to that dream job (even if you don’t know what it is yet!)

This is an opportunity for anyone, from industry veterans to new and rising talent, to hear industry experts share their personal career stories and then ask the panel for invaluable advice on navigating the industry, overcoming obstacles and making it. 

  • Ebele Tate, Writer-Director Producer

  • Franky Murray Brown, Filmmaker, Dalton's Dreams

  • Danielle Goff, Producer, Lunar Pictures

15.25 - 15:30

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

Act two: coming soon 

BEYOU speaker (1).png

15.30 - 16:00


Caffeine hit + TIME TO TALK

Take a break, unwind AND CATCH UP WITH COLLEAGUES 


BEYOU speaker (2).png

16.15 - 16:45

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

BEYOU speaker (4).png

Taking creativity to new heights:  Lights…Camera… Artificial Intelligence?!

We’re excited to see what is next for AI, so we’ve brought together a panel of creative technologists who are pushing the boundaries with AI. We will lift the lid on how they’ve been embracing the capabilities of AI and addressing its limitations thoughtfully.


If you are keen to explore the endless opportunities in the world of the AI world, this session is for you.

Moderator: Muki Kulhan, Chief Innovation Officer, XR Producer & Creative Technologist


16.45 - 17:10

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

BEYOU speaker.jpg

How to be a blockbuster movie editor

A movie isn't complete until it's been edited and few people know this better than film editor, Eddie Hamilton. Having recently completed editing Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning and Top Gun: Maverick, Eddie joins us to talk about his craft, his career, the importance of collaboration and what it takes to make it as a successful editor.


This session is unplugged, therefore we ask you to refrain from taking any images or recordings during the session.

Eddie Hamilton, Film Editor 

17.10 - 17:45

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

Closer: Fireside Chat - coming soon  


17.45 - 18:00

Closing remarks

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

BEYOU speaker (6).png

18.00 - 18:05

MAIn Stage: the BOX 

Act three: coming soon 

BEYOU speaker (7).png

18.05 - 21:00

MAIn Stage: 103

Drinks, music + unwind

celebrate the day with music and drinks! 

BEYOU speaker (8).png


What’s happening in the BABY-BOX?


11.00 - 12:00

Workshops: The Baby Box 

Mental Health Workshop

Film & TV Charity

13.15 - 14:15

Workshops: The Baby Box 

How to Write, Prep and Pitch Your Unscripted Show

Murray James, Creative Director, Unscripted, Fulwell 73

14.30 - 15:00


Workshops: The Baby Box 

15.15 - 16:00

Workshops: The Baby Box 

How to raise funds

16.15 - 17:00

Workshops: The Baby Box 

Kimberly Spikes.jpg
Shawn Chrisman.jpg

Overcoming mindset blockers for leadership success 

How we see ourselves does not always align with how others see us. By cultivating self-awareness and recognizing common workplace misbehaviors, we can begin to bridge the gap. In this workshop, we’ll begin to explore the most common blockers to success and how they show up for you and your peers. We’ll offer real-world examples on how the blockers have impacted individuals and how they overcame them and we’ll explore how to release some of these blockers.


In this interactive workshop, you'll: 

  • Learn the science behind perception

  • Explore ways to examine who we are Vs others think we are

  • Understand how our habits can significantly impact our success

Shawn Chrisman, Ph. D

Kim Spikes, ACC


11 JULY 2024 | LONDON


11 Jul 2024, 09:30 – 21:00

Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, London SE1 6DP, UK


11 JULY 2024| LONDON

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11 JULY 2024 | LONDON

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