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Revd Peterson Feital

Founder, The Haven + London & Award-Winning Theologian

Reverend Peterson Feital is an Award Winning Theologian, Founder and CEO of a charity whose mission is to support the emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of the creative community in London.  Rev Peterson is also a researcher for Kingston University on 'fundamentals of caring for creative minds', and a consultant for the TV, media, fashion and music industry, where he advises on company policy, conflict resolution, cultivating empathetic working cultures and providing pastoral care.

Affectionately known as 'The Rev'; Peterson's lifetime interest in the arts led to him founding a charity, the Haven+ London, exclusively supporting the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing within the creative industries. Having worked with over 4000 creatives to date, his work has always been rooted in helping the world's thinkers, shapers, and makers find their path in life, whether they are of any faith or none. For the last 15 years he has spent thousands of hours listening to and providing a safe space for; A-listers, freelancers and the corporate teams behind them. He has a unique understanding of the critical problems in the industry and a tangible compassion for the people at its heart.

As an independent consultant, Peterson works with CEOs, stakeholders and companies using a compassion-led approach. Away from typical modalities, utilising specialist associates, he supports the creative industries to effectively address the many issues around mental health, inclusion & diversity, negative working cultures and healthy relationships via a model of pastoral care support to focus on empathy and teachable moments.

Peterson is an Award-Winning Theologian. The Rev's credentials include work with the creative industries federation, the Lords Mayor's London Trust, proposing partnerships with the likes of the Old Vic etc and has been featured in The Times, Financial Times, Telegraph, Evening Standard, and has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC Sunday Morning, BBC News and Panorama.

Currently, he is writing for three projects: The Listening Booth to help to prevent creatives from reaching crisis and his biography' 'Praying like Jesus, Dancing like Elvis' and working with film companies on films and documentaries in the areas of mental health and religious representation. 

Revd Peterson Feital
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