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Rachna Patel

Director - Rewards, Workforce Planning, Diversity & Inclusion EMEA, Disney

As a multi-disciplinary senior leader at The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Rachna leads Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and workforce planning and reward programmes across multi-cultural environments.

In the last five years, Rachna has taken on the lead for DE&I for Disney EMEA, with responsibilities including leading on strategy, overseeing the 25 Business Resource Groups across the region and ensuring that DE&I is embedded throughout the whole business to create an all-inclusive workplace. This includes providing a supportive working environment

amongst all employees and driving change with new initiatives such as improvement of policies, processes and procedures.

Rachna demonstrates a resilient and motivated approach to inclusion, utilising a high level of social-emotional intelligence aligned with an analytical and growth mindset to drive human centric values within global corporate structures. A natural communicator across all levels of the organisational structure, Rachna is unafraid to challenge industry norms to drive change

programmes with collaboration across divisions to ensure positive improvements across working environments.

Rachna joined the Disney EMEA team in October 2004 as a Compensation, Benefits and Relocation Analyst before becoming Rewards and Workforce Planning Director in January 2014. She added the DE&I responsibilities in 2017.

Prior to joining The Walt Disney Company in 2004, Patel served as a Reward Consultant for The Inbucon Group.

Rachna is a trustee for two charities, Global Girl Project and Ambition Insitute which focus on better access and opportunities to education for underrepresented groups. She is an honors graduate of Brunel University (Business Management) and also holds a MSc in International Consultancy and Accounting from the University of Reading.

Rachna Patel
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