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Roses Okhipo

Producer. Channel 4



Born in Nigeria and raised in London, Roses Okhipo is an exceptional broadcast professional with a wealth of experience in the media industry. With a diverse skill set ranging from post-production to broadcast, advertising, and VFX, Roses has consistently achieved outstanding results in her various roles. Fuelled by a passion for creating captivating media content, she continuously refines her creative outlets, even branching out as a podcast host and live events presenter. Currently working as a producer at Channel 4, Roses is unwavering in her commitment to delivering top-quality media experiences that captivate and inspire audiences.

Roses is deeply committed to advocating for the progression of young, underrepresented individuals in the media industry, and is launching her organisation “Earn Your Stripes” this year which strives to create more inclusive opportunities for all. So it only makes sense that the second year running she hosts our Career Discovery panel.

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