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Peterson Feital

Consultant, Researcher, Founder The Haven + London & Award-Winning Theologian



Revd Peterson Feital, aka ‘The Rev’ 

Consultant, Researcher, Founder The Haven + London & Award-Winning Theologian


Reverend Peterson Feital founded The Haven +, a charity whose mission is to support the emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of the creative community in London.  Rev. Peterson is also a researcher for Kingston University on 'fundamentals of caring for creative minds', and a consultant for the TV, media, fashion and music industry, where he advises on company policy, conflict resolution, cultivating empathetic working cultures and providing pastoral care.  His work is now expanding with TV programmes as an associate producer. 

His credentials include work with the Creative Industries Federation, the Lord Mayor's London Trust, proposing partnerships with the likes of the Old Vic theatre and he has been featured in The Times, Financial Times, Telegraph, Evening Standard, and has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC Sunday Morning, BBC News and Panorama.


He is working with his publisher on his biographical book, 'Praying Like Jesus; Dancing Like Elvis.' due to be released in 2026, and launching his podcast series' this autumn, ‘The 10 Commandments with the Rev’ which will see him quizzing big names on their cultural dos and don’ts, and is produced by former BBC journalist Sarah Burbedge. 

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