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Collaboration, diversity & inclusion is part of our DNA

Who We Are 

Soho Media Club is a members network designed to advocate collaboration, inclusion and diversity across media production, post-production and distribution.  Anyone can join the network for free, regardless of seniority, position or status.  The only criteria is that you are an active media professional in film, tv, digital or music.


We share 3 key beliefs: Collaboration, Inclusion and Everyone having a Voice.   


Underpinned by monthly meetups, in a secret Soho location, the club brings together passionate people with stories to share. Guest speakers take to the mic each month to share their passions and personal stories.  After each meetup, members receive content to read, watch, listen and reflect upon.


Since its launch in July 2019, Soho Media Club has attracted a membership of 600+ media professionals from production, post-production and distribution.

Our mission 

To cultivate an inclusive media community which has a lasting, positive impact on the culture of the media industry.  


Collaboration, diversity & inclusion is part of our DNA.

We believe in diversity of thought and a growth mindset. By connecting passionate people from across media together, we are engineering serendipity to enable amazing things to happen - whether that is generating new ideas, doing new business or finding new talent.


We're Tom and Jaisica, the founders of Soho Media Club. We met at a media & entertainment show in Las Vegas two years ago and quickly discovered a common passion for connecting people.    


We share 3 key beliefs: Collaboration, Inclusion and Everyone having a Voice.  We saw an opportunity to create a club for those in the production, post-production and distribution community who share our beliefs and want to make the whole industry better. 

Jaisica Lapsiwala


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Muki Kulhan

Resident Host

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Pippa Considine

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Club Rules


You are willing to share ideas 


You are open

to collaboration 


Everyone has a voice

Our Members


If you are working in media & movie production, post-production &/or distribution and want to connect with different minds, this club is for you.

You will have priority access to our monthly club nights, featuring top speakers from the world of TV, film and animation in a fantastic location

Conversation and connections which turn inspiration into action.  Our aim is to create a community where your ideas become reality through the people you meet.



Underpinned by monthly meetups, in a secret Soho location, the club brings together passionate people with stories to share.

Guest speakers take to the mic at each meetup to share personal stories of their careers and experiences in the industry.


We break down the invisible wall between speakers and the audience: Guests are part of the narrative and are encouraged to participate in great conversation. After each meetup, we'll send video footage, photographs, a podcast and writeup to reflect upon and share


Six thirty until eight thirty

Last Wednesday of every month


A secret location in Soho

The Format 

..No powerpoints

....No sales pitches

... Just stories

Come and relax after work with drinks and nibbles Hear our guest speakers share their experiences, stories ​and opinion

Then, the floor is yours…

  • Ask the speakers a question

  • Share your experiences

  • Challenge each other 

  • Make long lasting connections which could change your life

Members receive a link to book onto meetups via email.


to all of our

host venues

in 2019/2020


New Podcast

Naked Stories

By Soho Media Club

Produced by PRL Studio

and hosted by Roses Okhipo

Anonymous guests.

Nothing held back.

Just honest stories.

In each episode, the host, Roses Okhipo speaks to an anonymous guest to uncover their true experiences of diversity, inclusion and prejudice in the media industry. Stripped down and fully transparent, guests share stories which previously may have been too risky, painful, or controversial to talk about openly.  The stories touch on different aspects of diversity, including: Gender diversity; Sexual orientation; Disability; Racial diversity; Cultural diversity and health anxiety.

The podcast series is aimed at those passionate about building a more diverse and inclusive media culture, those who have been through similar challenges as the guests on the show and people who are curious to learn more about what makes a diverse and inclusive culture.


PRL Studio is a media production house with recording studios in London and Warsaw. The producers at PRL Studio tell captivating stories in podcasts, audiobooks and engaging videos, and they enhance them with immersive sound design. The studios also offer a full spectrum of audio services - dubbing for video games, animation, film and TV, as well as voice over for branded video content.

season 2 


season 2 2020

25th march

season 3 



season 3 2020

season 1 



season 1 2019



Our aim is to build a more diverse and inclusive media culture and we believe that the Festival will be a joyful way of bringing people together from all media backgrounds to talk about how to collaborate more and to create lasting positive impact.


To run the Festival, we need to cover the operating costs inc. venue, catering, marketing etc. We have therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign to give people who want to support our mission the opportunity to get behind it. If you could donate something towards the Festival, we'd be so grateful!



Our goal is to raise £3,000 by 26th February! It's a huge target but we believe that with a donation of approx £20 from each individual, we can do this and create something extremely positive and has a lasting impact.



watch: Meetup highlights


speakers 2019/2020

Soho Media Club 

Bring together passionate people with stories to share.



Writeups from our meetups


Soho Media Club 

Unlimited Stories 
Club membership is free. Apply to qualify for membership*
* All final decisions regarding membership of the club and attendance to our events are at discretion of the Soho Media Club team.  



Your support

will help our industry

Play an important role in breaking down the barriers that too often, limit the diversity needed for an open, accessible, and inclusive media industry.




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